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Aron Namenwirth Quartet: Details TBD on Gauci Music

Duo with Tom Swaffrd: Details TBD

Trio Xolo with Derrick Michaels and Dalius Naujo: Details TBD


Harbinger: (self titled) with Jarvis Earnshaw and Daniel Carter released March 2019

Listening Group: (self titled) on 577 records released September 2018

Dogwood: Hecate’s Hounds on released January 18, 2018

Trumpets and Basses: Sanctuary on pfMENTUM released October 25, 2017

Federico Ughi: Heart Talk on 577 records released October, 2016

Chamber Music: (self-titled) with Stelios Mihas released July, 2016

Antenna (self titled) released July, 2015

Cropdust: Old Man Hustle released October, 2014

The Movement Trio: Back of the Room released July, 2012

Letitia VanSant: Breakfast Truce released July, 2012

Jazz Lunch: Housewarming on Reoccurring Dreams Records released February, 2012

*Please also feel free to contact me to directly purchase any of the above albums!*


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