Duo Album with Tom Swafford Out Today!

I’m excited to announce a new duo album with violinist Tom Swafford entitled ‘Scythe Paths Through The Nettles’ out today! The album is available on bandcamp here and will be on streaming platforms within the week!

Tom has been a frequent collaborator since my early days in NYC working together in many different capacities, though as a duo we have focused on entirely improvised material. Hope you’ll take a listen and enjoy!

Recorded in a warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, this album is entirely improvised. Free flowing themes unfold to reveal spontaneous compositions that dip in and out of tonality with shifting foreground and backgrounds. Rubato passages give way to tempo, as density and timbre highlight the range and sonic capabilities of the violin and double bass. The language pulls from a range of influences with tinges of jazz, classical, folk, and rock melding into one voice from two sympathetic improvisers.

Scythe Paths Through The Nettles

Tom Swafford: Violin
Zachary Swanson: Double Bass


1. Flint Adze 6:01

2. Dogleg Right Where the Green Slopes Away 2:30

3. Jasper Burnisher 5:00

4. Spokeshave, Rasp and Scraper 3:10

5. Shoulder Yoke 5:06

6. By the Fork and the Flail 3:55

7. Rear Brake Caliper 4:53

8. Harrow Down the Clouds 2:06

9. This Auger Won’t Dig 2:25

10. Dark Carlyle 4:50

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